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 PokeLeaf Rules

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PostSubject: PokeLeaf Rules   Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:12 am

If you would like to use these rules on your own forum, please send me a Private Message in advance, along with a link to your forum.

The Moderators here will try their best to keep the forums tidy. There will be rule-breakers, and they will face the consequences. They may get banned, or receive some infraction points.

Once a member loses all 10 of their points, they will be banned. If you lose a point, it never expires.

Advertising - 3 Points
Spam - 1 Point
Multiple Accounts - 6 Points
Lazy OP - 1 Point
Duplicate Thread - 1 Point
Mini-Modding - 2 Points
Swearing of any sort - 5 Points
Bumping - 2 Points
Double-posting - 2 Points
Posting links to ROMs/Piracy/Illegal Material/Porn - Instant Ban

You are allowed to advertise in your signature and your signature only. Posting links to YouTube accounts, GPX, or your own forum in posts is not allowed. Linking to threads on this forum is allowed. Posting links to entertainment on Youtube is allowed; just not links to your channel.

Spam is short for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages. Posts that consist of multiple emoticons in a row, or have less than 5 words will be counted as spam, no matter the situation. Another version of spam which is not allowed here is found in 'Favourite' threads; any post in those threads that just says "My favourite _____ is ______" will be counted as spam. They must have a reason for why it is your favourite.

Multiple Accounts
Also known as Alts, you may have one account here, and one only. If you are found to have more than one account, the one you are more active on will receive 6 Infraction points, while the others will be banned. Siblings may not use your account, they need to get their own. But, if they do, they must PM a member of staff so that we know you aren't using an Alt.

Lazy Opening Post
If you are making a thread, a lazy OP will not do. For example, if you were making a thread asking who people main in SSBB, "Just post your main here!" will not do. Put some effort into it. "What's your main in SSBB? I main Toon Link, but I also like to use Zelda, Sheik and Kirby too. They're all so fun to use!" will be better.

Duplicate Thread/Bumping
Before making a thread, search the forums to make sure it has not been done before. If it has and hasn't been posted in for 1-2 weeks, you can just post in it. However, if it hasn't been posted in in over 3 months, you may make a new thread. If it has beem more then 3 weeks, but less than 3 months, you may ask a member of staff if you can have permission to bump it.

It is really annoying when somebody breaks a rule and that topic is flooded with "Oh, you just broke _____ rule, I'm getting a mod!". If somebody breaks a rule, do NOT reply to it. Just use the report button - it's your friend.

This forum will have young people on it. Because of this, swearing of any sort will NOT be allowed.

Posting links to ROMs/Piracy/Illegal Material, etc
None of this is allowed at all. If you are found to have done any of these, or discuss them, you will be instantly banned. ROMs will just ban you for about a month - the rest are permanent.
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PokeLeaf Rules
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